Dive into The Work of Byron Katie

Have you watched Byron Katie doing The Work on YouTube and wanted to try it for yourself?

Or, perhaps you have tried it and have questions about the process?  Like how to fill out the Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet or do the Turnarounds.

Come Dive into The Work.  This workshop will support you to do The Work yourself.

It is being held on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, with Certified Facilitator Karen Cherrett, for those wanting to experience The Work first hand.

It is an opportunity to ask questions about the process and gain support in how to complete a Judge Your Neighbour worksheet, or frame the Turnarounds.

Or simply to spend the weekend doing The Work in a group setting sharing facilitations.

You might be brand new to The Work or have done it for quite some time.  During this weekend we will immerse ourselves in The Work as if we were meeting it for the first time.

What we’ll cover

In this ‘Dive into The Work’ weekend, we will explore areas such as:

  • Doing The Work, using the four questions and turnarounds

We’ll look at each of the questions and the value of being in a moment when you answer them.

  • How to fill out a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet (JYN’s)

We will play with slowing down the movie in your mind to find the moment with the most intense emotion. You might think you’re in ‘the moment’. Come and test your theory.

  • How to craft the turnarounds

We will play with the turnarounds.  People often struggle with them. Come look at what it means to do the turnaround to the self and the turnaround to the other.

  • We will practice writing JYN’s and doing The Work on our beliefs

Spend the weekend practising finding the moment and writing our Judge Your Neighbour Worksheets, then doing The Work with a partner.  You will receive one on one guidance if you are having difficulties.

  • Notice our thinking during walking meditation

We will go on a ‘Morning Walk’ and learn to notice our thinking.  This practice can be valuable when you have a very busy mind.

If you have an open mind and are willing to inquire into what you are thinking and believing then join us for this workshop.

The Logistics

This workshop runs on both Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 5 pm.

BYO lunch or walk to a local venue for lunch.  We will have an hours break for lunch each day.

You will be provided with blank worksheets, as well as a notebook and pen.

Introduction to the work of byron katie workship

 Come Dive into The Work. 

November 25th & 26th 2017

The cost of this workshop is $197.00. 



Karen Munro

Karen Cherrett is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Having completed more than 1000 hours of her own work as part of the certification process it’s now a part of her daily life. Karen is a trained Holistic Counsellor and brings an awareness of life’s ups and downs to holding space in her workshops. She has been suicidal, extremely stressed at work; has experienced the death of a child, and feeling so shut down she was unable to feel. She fully understands the concept of no new stressful thoughts.

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