Open Your Mind to Life, Love and Money

If you want to stop thinking about money all the time then join us for this three-day ‘Open Your Mind to Money’ workshop.

If money is the first thing you think about in the morning or the last thing you think about at night you have a fixation on money.

You might notice that a large amount of your thinking is about money.

  • having money – being concerned about how the money will come to you
  • not having money – feeling poor
  • not having enough money – feeling like you never have enough
  • being worried about how you spend your money – feeling guilty or indulgent after you spend
  • feeling unworthy of having money – feeling undeserving or unable to receive
  • difficulties making decisions regarding money – afraid of losing what you have
  • not wanting to share your money – feeling greedy or hoarding your money

If you are open to looking at your belief systems regarding life, love and money, one that has you feel worthy of money; feel abundant no matter how much money you have or don’t have; open your heart to fearlessly falling into life with or without money; have trust in your money making decisions, and improve your sense of worth then join us for this three-day adventure in 2018.


Why this workshop will help you

This workshop is not about manifesting more money into your life.  It is about being content and at peace regardless of how much money you have or don’t have.

During this workshop, we will use The Work of Byron Katie, or self-inquiry to question some common thoughts or beliefs about money and our own sense of who we are.

It’s about trusting the universe to provide you with exactly what you need when you need it.

Lose the concept of control over money and fixations and fears that blind you from experiencing your already abundant reality.  And in this kind of peace, money can’t help but find you!

Have you thought about where your money story came from?

Are you open to looking at what you think money gives you and therefore what you don’t have without it?

We will dive into our sense of worth. Our sense of being loveable and worthy.

All things that create that constant thought stream in our mind.

Once you begin to question your thoughts you start to see a different perspective and your world shifts.

You might find the space to stop thinking about money and be open to it turning up.

What you want money for is to buy you happiness.  This Work will give you happiness without money.  And it becomes very clear that money is not that important.  So you become unattached to money, and then it can’t help but find you.  That’s a law.  – Byron Katie on Work and Money

About the workshop

The workshop will be held at the tranquil Bamboo Buddha in Holgate, NSW on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 7th to 9th 2018.

Each day we will meet at 9 am.

On Sunday we will begin the day with a morning walk.

We will spend our day using The Work of Byron Katie to question our thinking.

You will be supported by two experienced Facilitators of The Work.

Our day will end at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and 4 pm on Monday.

Lunch each day will be available at the Bamboo Buddha Vegetarian Cafe, for you to purchase if you choose.

What you will need to arrange

You will need to find your own way to and from Holgate.

Transport options are available from the Sydney CBD.  View the trip planner for information.

You might like to stay at the Kodama Retreat in shared or private accommodation. Special rates apply.  Please contact Louise on 0414 465 212 to arrange your stay.  There are other options available in the surrounding area too.

Provision of meals for the entire three days is your responsibility also.

About your workshop presenters

Karen Cherrett has until recently been a Certified Facilitator of The Work and Marnie Healey is currently a  Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

They have spent hours doing The Work together on their mutual money thoughts and beliefs about who they are with or without money.

Together they realise that by questioning their thinking about life, love and money, they are coming to have a better relationship with life, love and money and a better relationship with their own worthiness.

Come join us for this workshop.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out and contact us.

We look forward to being with you at the workshop.

Early Bird pricing is available until 1 March 2018.  Pay only $149.  From 1 March, the price increases to $169 per person.


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