Join one of our Work of Byron Katie workshops to learn to do The Work or deepen your Work.  Each workshop has a specific theme. Immerse yourself in the thoughts and beliefs that you have about that subject area.  Here are the current workshops we offer:

Experience The Work of Byron Katie

Are you new to The Work of Byron Katie?  Have you read ‘Loving What Is’ or watched Byron Katie doing The Work with others on YouTube, and wanted to experience it for yourself?  This is your opportunity to experience The Work with a very experienced and previously Certified Facilitator of The Work. If you’ve been doing The Work for a while dive in for a fresh start and learn some new techniques. Check our Dive Into The Work of Byron Katie workshop.

Open Your Mind to Money

If you spend a lot of your time thinking and worrying about Money, then this workshop is for you. We spend three days exploring our thinking about money; what it means to have it; what it means to not have it; our thoughts about abundance, and worthiness. Find out what we will be exploring at our Open Your Mind to Money workshop.

How to Parent Anxious Children

This workshop is specifically for parents who have anxious children.  Does your child have ADHD or ADD?  Are they constantly anxious and disrupting the family lifestyle?

My Partner has a Smoking/Drinking/Gambling Problem and I want them to change

Does your husband have a problem with drinking, smoking or gambling too much?  Or maybe it is some other addiction.  You want to change him, make his stop and behave differently. This weekend we will explore their problem with over indulgence.

Explore My Family Relationships Workshop

In this workshop exploring family relationships, you have the opportunity to explore your thinking in relation to your Mother, Father, Sister and Brother.  It is all about these core relationships.  If you are part of a step-family then it is relevant too.

Be Happy With Who You Are Retreat

This five day retreat is about bringing ourselves back to our place of being okay with who we are.  We will explore how we see ourselves based on the labels that others give us and how this stops us from being who we truly are.  It is a chance for you to immerse yourself in The Work.

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