Is Your Anxiety Making You Want To Give Up?

Anxiety can feel so debilitating and unstoppable that the only thing you want to do is to give up. You really want to be different to live differently and yet no matter what you try, it just doesn’t work. So, there are days when you simply want to give up. Giving up on life seems like the only option.

Fear and anxiety, in many instances, will cause us to withdraw, to freeze, to give up, rather than take action. – Tali Sharot ‘The Influential Mind’

I’ve been in that space. Those were the days when I wished I was no longer here; no longer in this body on earth. The days when I said to the Universe “Really, why am I still here?”

I’m not going to tell you there’s a magic fix to this feeling because in my experience there isn’t. Giving up felt like my only option. The only thing I would do is to tell myself that tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I’ll wake up, and maybe I won’t.

Just knowing that someone else has been there, had that experience, may help. And yet when you’re in this mind space of wanting to give up you are so inwardly focused that you mightn’t give a damn whether someone else has felt this way or not.

I can hear myself really pitying my situation; how I found myself. All I wanted was for someone to notice how bad I felt and hug me. Honestly, that was it.  All I wanted was a hug?

And yet at the same time giving up felt like it was the release I was looking for. I thought it would solve all my problems.

want to give upDoes giving up seem like your only option?

In October of this year, I’m hosting a Virtual Summit on Anxiety & Overwhelm. Why?  Because I know there are a lot of people, like you, out there who are in this same space. Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. Wanting life to be different and having no idea where to start. Just wanting to give up.

So, along with thirteen other presenters, I’m going to support you to understand what is causing your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, and the need to just give up on life. And then give you some simple tips and tools to begin the journey of turning this way of being into something different.

Don’t you just wish you could turn this around underneath?  We, each of the presenters have had our own journey with anxiety and overwhelm, and you’ll hear them on the Summit presentations.  You’ll get to understand that we have had similar experiences to you.  So we’re not just talking about this from some clinical perspective.

We’re your peers. People just like you.  The only difference is we either found or developed tools to help us shift our lives.  Each tool has worked and supported others to shift their lives.  We want to share these with you too.

There is another option rather than to give up

As I mentioned this summit is five days of online presentations, downloadable files and links to resources for you to take in.  There are only four presentations each day, so you don’t get too overwhelmed by all the information.

Each day has a theme or topic. Basically, the same concepts or topic runs through the days’ presentations, so we’re not jumping all over the place. Each day provides you with only one key take away. It’s just that your presenters each talk about that topic or area in a different way.  Hopefully this way you will find one explanation that resonates most with you.

You gain access to all of the materials and can come back to the site to access them as many times as you like.  If you find you can’t take it all in during the five days of the Summit, no problem take in what you can and come back to digest the rest when you’re ready.

A number of the presenters are also joining a private Facebook Group for the participants so that we can be there to support you.  To answer your questions, to listen to you when you’ve had a bad day and just want to talk about it.  We are your support community.

How to register for the Summit

Registering for the Anxiety & Overwhelm Virtual Summit is easy.  All you need to do is visit the website and register. Clicking the button below will take you there

There is a cost.  With all the valuable information available we want you to serious about wanting to make a change.

Pay $97 for everything and lifetime access before the Summit begins.  After September 16 the price increases to $147.


It’s not about giving upgive up

There is an answer other than giving up. Your mind might be telling you that is the only option, the only answer.  Believe me, giving up isn’t the way out.  Anxiousness is a feeling. And you can learn, just like I did, to understand and be comfortable with your feelings. The ones underneath this label called ‘anxiety.’

Feeling overwhelmed by the depth of your emotions is terrifying. I get that. You think it’s not possible to go near the feelings without it engulfing you and you not knowing which ways up. I’ve been there, remember.

And yet what I’ve noticed is that, if I have someone to hold my hand, to be that light, that beacon that shows me which way is up, no matter how dark the whole I fall into. No matter how strong the message to give up is, someone can be there to hold me, hold the space for me to find my voice, to express what’s really going on inside me.

A person that will listen without judgement.

There are people, like me, who do understand.  We know what giving up is like.  We’ve given up the suffering caused by our anxiety and anxiousness. So, we’ve given up in a good way.

It’s possible if you’ll only give it a try.  There are no ‘quick fixes’ in our world. It’s hard work.  And there IS someone who will hold your hand and be a support for you as you take that journey.

So don’t give up on life, give up on the suffering you’re feeling from your anxiety and overwhelm. Join those of us who know the difference.


About Karen Cherrett

Karen has trained as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and is also a Holistic Counselor. She wants to be of service to you to improve your love of life and all its experiences. Karen supports individuals, businesses and practitioners.

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