Turn Your Life Around In 28 Days

Yes, I can hear you say that it’s not possible to turn your life around in 28 days.

And sure it isn’t possible to completely undo years and years of trauma and childhood stories in just 28 days.  Yet it is possible to shift how you are feeling right now to something different.

How do I know that?  I’ve seen it happen. There are people who start out feeling suicidal or really anxious or depressed and feel differently at the end of 28 one hour sessions. They really have understood the concept of turning your life around.

What sort of struggles do you currently have?

turn your life around– unhappy at work and would rather not be there,

– a relationship that is on the rocks and you don’t know what to do

– you are struggling to feel as though you have a life

– anxiety or depression rule everyday and life is hard to deal with

-your children are out of control and you feel unworthy as a parent

-you have suicidal thoughts often

-feeling capable or worthy of being happy or doing what you love just isn’t possible

-you think there’s something wrong with you

-sleep doesn’t seem to like you. You often wake during the night or have trouble going to sleep.

There is one simple way to turn your life around

One way to turn your life around is to question your thinking. That sounds too simple, I hear you say. Or, how can that help?

When you question your thinking you begin to notice that the life you thought you have is different from reality.  And when you question it for 28 days in a row, you undo so many patterns and ingrained beliefs that you begin to realize there is a different way of living. You can turn your life around.

This is a different form of ‘life coaching.’  It’s about you turning your own life around with support.

Why use this self-inquiry method?

The simple process of questioning any thought that creates suffering or unease in your life is easy to learn, and once you’ve learnt it, you have a tool to use for life. Any situation that causes you stress or suffering, can be questioned.

You get to the cause of any issue and question it with kindness, letting go of any emotion and trauma connected to that issue.

Doing self-inquiry helps you get unstuck from where you are.

You move through the experience of seeing people and situations differently.

It shows you a different view of the world, of situations that you are certain, are how you see them.

You may find that even if you have been to a psychiatrist or psychologist for many years things haven’t shifted and this is the only thing that will make a difference to how you approach life in the future.

Working with me as your life coach will be different

I have noticed for myself that questioning my thinking on a daily basis with a partner has a lot of power.  I find that I can unravel so many things with regular practice.  It allows me to sit deeply in issues that come up, and deal with immediate scenarios, in the space of safety with a facilitator to support me.

Working with me as your facilitator/life coach allows you to drop into your self-inquiry and I’ll support you to see things that you may not otherwise see, doing it on your own.  We’ll look at Mother, Father, Sister, Brother situations as they naturally arise.

A lot of our issues in adulthood stem from situations as a child where we believed we were being treated in a certain way.  If you notice your patterns in life, both personal and in work situations, you will see repeating patterns of things that occurred in your childhood.

I will support you in noticing what you might not see. My role is not to provide you with advice. You don’t need that, you have your own inner wisdom. It may simply be that you aren’t currently listening to it.


What would it take for you to commit to this journey to begin to ‘Turn Your Life Around’?

Is a life of happiness and joy without suffering something you want?  It’s possible if you commit to being turn your life aroundopen to self-inquiry.

Would days where you don’t feel depressed or anxious be wonderful?

Learning to question your thinking is the best investment of your time and money you will ever make.

I look forward to being of service to YOU to ‘Turn Your Life Around.’

28 one-hour sessions of self-inquiry cost $2,520

This program is offered for $1120 USD

Yes, you read it correctly, that’s $40 per session.

You can make a single payment or choose a payment plan.

Payment options are available.  Please contact me to discuss a payment plan that works for you.

The cost of this program shouldn’t be a barrier to you finding some freedom.

Let’s connect up for a 30-minute session to talk about your situation to see if self-inquiry is a fit for you. Reach out and contact me so we can schedule a time to meet online or on the phone.

We can talk specifically about how this program works, what you feel you need or want and I can answer any questions you may have.  No pressured sales talk, simply mutual information gathering.


What do you get from taking this journey?

*You get to experience questioning your thinking using self-inquiry and learning to live life differently.

*A changed perspective on your life.

*28 hours of 1:1 support with self-inquiry with an Experienced Facilitator and Life Coach.

*A first-hand experience of the power of questioning your thoughts

* A tool that you have, at hand to use yourself, any time you are feeling any emotion.

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