Sessions of The Work

Individual Sessions of The Work

I offer individual sessions of The Work.

These individual sessions are not counselling.  They work in a way that allows you to get to the heart of what is happening for you in any given situation in a way that counselling may not.

People who have tried counselling or working with a psychologist or psychiatrist for many years and have come to The Work have said that it has a different and lasting effect on them.

Try the 3 Session Intro

Having three sessions of The Work will give you a taste of working with an experienced Facilitator. I will answer any questions you have about the process, and we will do The Work. We connect up, either in person or via Zoom/Skype for an hour, three times.  No need to stress about where to start either. I will help you put yourself back into a situation and find the thought to Work.


What does an individual session of The Work consist of?

We can do many things during a session, and you determine what it is that you need.  We can

  • Support you in finding the belief or beliefs associated with a situation.   This can help you to understand your thinking behind the emotional response to a given situation.
  • Assist you with completing a Judge Your Neighbour (JYN) worksheet.   This allows you to capture your thinking on paper.
  • Use ‘deepening The Work’ tools to help you find a list of associated beliefs.   This allows you to see what else may be sitting behind your response.
  • Facilitate you with a single statement.   Being kind to ourselves and working One Belief At A Time works.
  • Continue to facilitate you through statements on a JYN.   There is power in working the statements that you have captured on a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet.
  • Role play situations that you find yourself in.   This may give you a different perspective on the situation.

We can do The Work in person, via Zoom/Skype, or over the telephone.

You do not need to bring anything with you other than an open mind and a willingness to inquire.

I will bring my counselling skills into use during our sessions, only when it is needed.  This is to support you in the best way possible.  I will make you aware when this occurs that we are no longer doing The Work.

Single sessions

60 minutes  $70 (USD)          Book Now

If you are wanting to experience Working with a Certified Facilitator, or have something pressing that you want to work on, then book this one-hour session.

90 minutes   $90 (USD)        Book Now

If you think that what you have to Work on may take a little longer, then a one and a half hour session is the one to buy.  If you purchase a one-hour session and work over the time, then the charge will be for the hour and a half.

Our multi-session packs for individuals are:

3 Session Introduction [60 minute sessions]   $160 (USD)          Book Now

Wanting to have more of an experience of working with a Certified Facilitator, then this three pack is the way to start.  We meet for three separate one-hour sessions, at a mutually suitable time.

Month Deep Dive 4 x 4   $220 (USD)  Per week for four weeks        Book Now

[4 x 60-minute sessions per week for 4 weeks = 16 sessions in total paid for in weekly blocks]

If it is time to unravel your childhood or patterns that you are noticing; or if life is feeling tough, then this four sessions per week for four weeks gives you more focus on doing consistent Work.

28 Day Immersion  Visit the program page for details

Note:  Payment plans are available for multi session packs.  Please contact me to discuss what would work for you.  If you are wanting to do your Work then don’t let the payment aspect of it, stop you.

If you have any questions about doing The Work and the value of working with an experienced Facilitator visit our FAQ page.

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