A Year Long Self Inquiry Journey

What if doing self inquiry could bring you a more joyful life?

We all know what it is like to have a mind full of thoughts and want to do something about it, and yet we don’t take the time.

Simply being able to notice your thoughts and be comfortable with them, without judgement can bring you a little more joy.

And in my experience regularly practicing questioning my thinking can bring me a lot more joy. Even for small moments of time.

You may have tried the Work and found it good, yet haven’t been committed to ongoing practice.

You’ve also tried other things and they haven’t worked

self inquiryYou want to commit to changing your life, your relationships and try as you might, it is not sustainable: you start something and stop as quickly.

Some days are worse than others.  You mind is so full you don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you’ve tried working with a psychologist or psychiatrist and nothing seems to have really shifted.

You might have gone to other people, energy healers or hypnotherapists.

Living everyday in a stressed out and anxious state is not good for you, your body or those around you.

Why this works

I’ve found that inquiring into my thoughts, especially those causing me the most grief, works.

Calming myself and being able to then look at the situation in a different way through inquiry, allows me to be open to possibilities. Often I didn’t think there were any.

Working with a partner helps in having support for a space to be held for you to sit in your inquiry.

Regular practice makes the world of different and helps shift life long patterns, from my experience.

The Work of Byron Katie is a tool used by thousands of people around the world, each and every day.

It is a proven method of self inquiry.

How this is different

Group work works, through shared understanding and like mindedness.

With this group you will work with people who have the same goals and wants.

You each want to make a change.  You each want to use or learn self-inquiry to make your life easier.

Being able to bring yourself back to a place of peace, no matter what is happening in your life, is your goal.

Having others around to support you when you are struggling makes life a little bit easier.

About the group

Here is an opportunity to join a small group, a community, of people wanting to make a change in their lives.

It is also a place to do self-inquiry using The Work.

We spend 40 weeks together, in total. That’s an opportunity to commit to something with long-term benefits.

In the small group sessions, Karen works personally with the participants, each week.

This is one way to change your life for the better.

Support is available within the group at all times.

Aside from the group participants you have access to Karen at all times, if you need it.

Here is what your Year Long Self Inquiry Journey looks like:

be happy with who you areEach month we have a topic area that we explore. We may start with a prompt, or simply meet and see what shows up.  This is not about feeling pressured.  It is about showing up and being open to change.

You also get to participate in a five day retreat in beautiful Colorado where we explore finding more of our hidden selves. This will be a reflective five days in a peaceful setting where you take time for yourself to go inside and explore.

February 2019 – Mother

  • Our Mother is the first person we bonded with, or not, after we were born.  She is the one person we say and followed as a child, learning her ways through watching how she functioned on a daily basis.
  • She is the one who started our pattern of beliefs through our direct experiences with her.
  • That’s why in my experience working on my Mum has made the biggest shift in my life and the way I am on a daily basis.
  • We find moments where we reacted to her, capture our thoughts and do The Work.

March 2019 – Father

  • Our Father may have been just as big a part of our life as our Mother, or off working and therefore absent.
  • Our relationship with him is either as an adversary or a savior.
  • This month we look at our thinking about our Dad.  We find moments where we reacted to him or had beliefs about what he did or didn’t do, capture our thoughts and do The Work.

April 2019 – Addictions

  • We all have addictive behavior of one sort or other.  It might be reaching for cookies or chocolate when life seems difficult.
  • We might go shopping and have binges of retail therapy.
  • It may be that we need a drink each and every night, just to dull the pain
  • You may be addicted to drama, or arguing.
  • This month we focus on our addictive behavior.  It’s anything that you notice is an addiction for you.

May 2019 – Slowing down the moment

  • In May we ‘Slow Down the Movie’ in our mind to find the thought.
  • This month is all about learning to slow down our busy mind.
  • We play around with ways to do this, in order to support our self inquiry journey.
  • There is an in-person weekend workshop with Karen on Relationships to attend too. Included for those choosing the full fee option only.

June 2019 – Job/Workplace

  • Are you having difficulties at work?
  • Or perhaps you are self-employed and struggling with work in general
  • This month our focus is on situations in our workplace on with our job that are causing us to suffer.
  • Things such as difficult bosses; co-workers that annoy us; clients that we have difficulty serving, you choose. You may use previous work situations too.

July 2019 – Mother

  • Back to working on our Mum again.
  • I find there are always beliefs about my Mum to look at.
  • A lot of my thinking about my Mum is what determines how I show up in the rest of my life.
  • And if you think your relationship with your Mum is perfect, then you can work on that too.

August 2019 – Family

  • This month we do The Work on our Family (Brother, Sister, Children, Partner).
  • You choose who you want to work on.
  • What things about these people continue to upset, hurt or distress you?
  • How are your relationships with each and every one of these individuals?

September 2019 – Father

  • We are going to use prompts this month to capture our thinking about our Dad again.
  • We’ll look at how we complain about him, for example.  And you may think you don’t complain about him. Doing this exercise might surprise you.
  • From the 30th of August to the 3rd of September you can attend the five day retreat, ‘Discover Your Hidden Self’ in beautiful Denver, Colorado .  Full details about this retreat will be supplied.

October 2019 – I’m right, You’re wrong

  • This month we work on ‘I’m right/You’re wrong’ where we look into where we strongly believe that we ARE right and the other person is wrong.
  • We’ve all been in this space.
  • You might want to work on the Government too, if you don’t think you have any personal examples.

November 2019 – Christmas/Thanksgiving/Holidays

  • What happens for you on holidays or during the festive season?  Let’s dive into our patterns of interacting.
  • Are you happy attending family gatherings?
  • Do you have memories of unhappy holidays away with your family or friends?
  • That’s what we will dive into to end our year of self inquiry.

All accommodation and food costs for the five day retreat are included for those paying the full participation fee.  Transport to and from the retreat are additional. 

For those not paying the full fee and wanting to attend the retreat, information and costs will be sent out to you closer to the Retreat and you will have the option to participate.

Why participate?

  • If you participate you become part of a community of people questioning their thinking using The Work.
  • You have access to a group of people who are committed to their Work to reach out to
  • By creating a regular ‘Work’ practice you are more likely to use The Work as your go-to tool when you are on your own and suffering
  • You will feel supported in your emotional journey
  • Like minded people will be sharing your journey and stressful thoughts
  • You get to work with a trained Certified Facilitator so have ready access to ask any questions you have at any time
  • Karen will be there to support you if you find yourself in an emotional crisis space
  • Participating in this year-long program may support your other mental health work with psychologists, psychiatrists or counselors.

Let’s talk logistics

We use Zoom, an easy to use platform, and meet online via a private meeting room each week for 1.5 hours.

All you need to participate in the online portion is internet access, and to download the App, or have a browser to login to.

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can dial into the sessions.

All online sessions are recorded and the recording made available to access each week.

You also have access to a private online group forum for discussion and sharing.

The in-person event is held in Denver, Colorado.  The five day retreat will be held in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

You will receive information regarding the weekend event later in the year.

For the five-day retreat accommodation and meals are included in those undertaking full participation.  It will be an optional extra for ‘online only’ participants.

When do we meet for online sessions?


Tuesday 12 noon LA (PST)

Tuesday 3 pm LA (PST)

Tuesday 10 pm LA (PST)


Tuesday 7 am Berlin (CET)

Tuesday 9 pm Berlin (CET)


Wednesday 7 am Melbourne (AEDST)

Wednesday 10.00 am Melbourne (AEDST)

Wednesday 5 pm Melbourne (AEDST)

Each online session runs for 1.5 hours.

The Year Long Self-Inquiry Journey commences on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019.

Places are limited to 10 people per group.

Check your local time here.

Remember that a shift will occur with the timezones for daylight saving changes during the year.  A reminder will be sent out when this occurs.

What is the cost?

Option 1

Online Participation Only   –  $1,300 USD

This is access to online weekly group sessions only and does not include the weekend workshop nor the five-day retreat later in the year.  These will be available to attend at an additional charge.

I want to join the online group and pay upfront

Pay for this in monthly instalments of $130 per month for 9 months, after the initial payment.

I'm joining the Online Group and paying 10 instalments


Option 2

Full Participation including the weekend workshop and five-day retreat – $2,750 USD

I want to be part of it all and pay upfront

You can pay for this in monthly instalments of $275 per month for 9 months, after the initial payment.

I'm joining the Full Program and paying 10 instalments

You will need to add transport costs to and from the five-day retreat venue. The cost of accommodation and meals for the retreat are already included. All travel, accommodation and meal costs for the weekend workshop are at your own expense.

Sign up using the monthly payment option

Note:  By making the first payment you are committing to the on-going remaining monthly amounts.

I'm joining the Online Group and paying 10 instalments

I'm joining the Full Program and paying 10 instalments

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