About Karen


Karen Cherrett Mindshift CoachMy name is Karen Cherrett, a Life Coach based in Denver, Colorado (USA).

I am different to other Coaches, or Life Coaches, as I use self-inquiry to support you to change your life.

My Vision

‘To support you to live a happy and peaceful life, stress-free’

I do that by sharing my experience and knowledge with you through coaching using self-inquiry.

My Story

Kristys wedding dayIn 2010 my only daughter died suddenly. This is a photo of her on her wedding day. My life seemed to change on that day. As a parent, you can never imagine having your child die before you, especially not your fit and healthy daughter.

I spent a period of time grieving, then decided that I needed something to fill my life. To help me cope I went looking for something to study. This was usually my ‘Go To’ option.  A pattern in my life.

I started studying shiatsu, which I had always loved.  It was during that time that I came across people studying a counselling course.  A number of my study colleagues in the shiatsu course kept urging me to go and study counselling.

I decided that the shiatsu wasn’t for me and did make the transition into the counselling course.  This was in 2011. The Work of Byron Katie was one of the modalities taught as part of this holistic counselling course.  Rosie Stave, Certified Facilitator of The Work in Australia introduced me to it. I remember being angry with Rosie during a weekend workshop when I asked her about doing self-inquiry on my brother and she turned to me and said: “Who’s business are you in?”

After I had completed the study to have the title of Holistic Counselor, which included four weekends with Rosie, I had an on/off relationship with self-inquiry for a couple of years.

Then in October of 2013, we were in the USA visiting family and I attended my first event with Katie.  This was the Forgiveness Intensive, a five-day event about forgiveness.  It was at this event that I realized the power of The Work or Inquiry Based Life Coaching.

Before The Work

At that time I didn’t really have a relationship with my Mother.  I couldn’t bear to spend 10 minutes on the phone talking to her.  My relationship with my husband was one of constant conflict.  If I wasn’t triggering him, he was triggering me, big time. I would say something, he would question me or comment, and I would take it personally, then remain angry and upset with him for days. My work life was every bit as stressful. I hadn’t, at the time realized just how ‘stressed’ I was feeling until I started to feel differently.

I’ve had anxiety attacks; felt depressed and suicidal many times. I’ve felt so stressed that my body was on high alert all of the time. I couldn’t sleep soundly as I felt I needed to be on alert all the time, in case something happened. I have felt emotionally abused by my parents; bullied by co-workers and my husband; felt the brunt of physical abuse; and had my own addictions to deal with.

I have also lived with others who have been addicted to different things.  I’ve been through two divorces.  Overall there aren’t many experiences that I won’t have shared with you.

Through doing self-inquiry

When I arrived back in Melbourne after the Forgiveness Intensive with Katie, I dived headlong into exploring any situation that came up where I felt emotional unease. And believe me, there were many. This was the start of my journey to becoming a Certified Facilitator of this method, which ultimately means that I have done a lot of my own self-inquiry, many thousands of hours in fact, and can sit in the role of Facilitator for others, with the purpose of holding the space.

Through doing self-inquiry I have come to realize that:

  • I have never really been in touch with my emotions.  Rather I’ve suppressed them.
  • Being invisible was part of my DNA
  • When I believed I wasn’t the boy that my parents wanted (that’s my story of it), I wasn’t good enough.
  • I couldn’t do anything right, everything I did was wrong or not good enough.
  • Bullies came into my life, as I was one myself.
  • People felt threatened by me, especially in the workplace (again that’s my story).
  • I didn’t really ‘fit in.’ I was the loner who didn’t know how to connect with others, not in a meaningful way.

After doing my self-inquiry

Now, after eight years of doing self-inquiry daily, I feel able to really connect with my emotion as it arises and not be scared of it. I am able to sit and get clear on what I want and I am learning to express it. I am connecting more with myself and therefore with others.  This has been amazing to me. I am connected to others in ways that I could never have imagined.

I love talking to my mother on the phone for over an hour and a half at a time. When we meet I enjoy being with her.  My relationship with my husband became an ongoing journey of me valuing myself for who I am more every day.  Getting clear on what I wanted from the relationship and feeling comfortable expressing it.  Leaving the relationship as friends was a wonderful experience. Learning to really communicate has been key.

During my journey, I spent two years doing self-inquiry on all of the situations that irritated me in my workplace.  This led to me saying ‘Thank You for what you have given me, and it doesn’t work for me to continue being here” in January 2015.  It was wonderful to not need anything from the workplace anymore.

I haven’t always enjoyed every moment of this journey, yet it has been worth every minute and it is still continuing.

Why I love being a self-inquiry facilitator

I love holding the space for you and sharing your inquiry.

The connection between our thinking and how we live our life fascinates me. Exploring emotions and also the impact of our beliefs on our physical well being is something I have been doing now for seven years. I am currently researching the connection between thoughts and Fibromyalgia.

I work with you to find the statements related to your childhood; those connected to your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. This is where your patterned responses and trauma reactions began. Any situation in which I felt an emotional reaction is a trauma.  I feel comfortable supporting you during crisis situations when you are extremely anxious, and during your grief.

I offer a unique 28-day program.  This program is a way for me to help you immerse yourself in self-inquiry.  I offer it as a way of supporting you to practice self-inquiry daily, for 28 days.  There is some flexibility in the program, so if you may be interested let’s talk.

And if 28 days sounds too much then join the 12-month long program where we meet once a week to explore patterns of thinking that hide who we truly are.

I love being of service and would love the opportunity to work with you.


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