Do you rush through working a JYN?

What happens when you are working a JYN (Judge Your Neighbor) worksheet?

Do you notice that you want to rush through working it, for whatever reason.

Let’s explore some of those reasons!

There is no value in rushing working a JYN

What do you get from rushing working a JYN?  I would say, NONE.

How many times have you rushed through working it, and next week or next month found you are back working the same statement?

My guess is plenty of times.

In my experience this is what happens when you don’t really sit in the moment.

When you don’t get in touch with the emotion that occurred in the moment, at the most intense point, and work your statements from that place, you short change yourself.

Yes, some people might say this isn’t true.

I am only going off my own experience, and that of working with many people who have had this experience.

Rush through working a JYN and you are likely to have to revisit the situation and or statements you worked.

Getting still in question three

From my experience, I notice that the turnarounds fall out of my work when I fully sit in answering the four questions.

The key for me is sitting in the moment where I felt the most emotion, and from that place answer Question 3 – ‘How do you react, what happens when you believe that thought’.

I notice when I am connected with what I was feeling, my answers come easily.

Meditating on question four

Going to Question 4 – ‘Who would you be without the thought’, is then a process of getting still and noticing.

Sitting in my response to question four allows me to become still and notice all of the things that change for me when I am not there with the thought.

Being in that place, without the thought the response to the Turnarounds then naturally come for me.

I can find the first turnaround easily, as one of them seems the most natural next step in my inquiry.

Then the others show themselves from there.

Follow the simple directions

What I noticed works best for me, is to follow the simple directions and ‘Do The Work’ answering the four questions first.

Short cutting the process by either jumping straight to the Turnarounds or rushing through working the statements is of little value.

Not taking the time to meditate on the statements, I noticed I feel as though I have short changed myself.

I also noticed this is often the reason why the same thoughts keep showing up.

Slow down and take your time to meditate on the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet.

This is the best way to really undo your suffering.

If you want help being able to sit in the moment you might walk to investigate the ‘Slow Down Your Thinking‘ online class that I have.

About Karen Cherrett

Karen has trained as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and is also a Holistic Counselor. She wants to be of service to you to improve your love of life and all its experiences. Karen supports individuals, businesses and practitioners.

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