Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about The Work of Byron Katie and working with a trained Certified Facilitator.

Here is a range of questions with answers for you. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here contact me and I will be happy to provide an answer for you.

Questions about doing The Work

Q – I’ve seen Byron Katie on YouTube and want to start. I’m not sure how? Reach out.  Contact me and I will call you to chat. I will talk to you about your individual situation and we can look at what might work for you. That may be individual sessions, or something else.

Q – Is The Work hard to learn? No, The Work is easy to learn.  Anyone can pick up the Yellow Card available from ‘The Work’ website and follow it.  The advantage in working with a Certified Facilitator is the amount of experience they have in doing The Work. They will support you in sitting in the process of The Work.

Q – Is The Work a quick fix for my problems? No, The Work takes time.  You slowly unravel your beliefs and thoughts from years of conditioning.  You feel the impacts of doing The Work instantly and it takes time to dissolve your lifetime of learning.  The Work is about unlearning.

Q – Can you do The Work on any problem? Yes.  Any time you feel that you suffer, even if for only a moment in time, you can inquire into the thought and find peace with the situation.

Q – Why would I pay for a facilitator when I can do it myself? A Certified Facilitator or one on the path to becoming Certified with Byron Katie International completes over 500 hours of their own Work.  They have participated in many Work sessions and have gained skills and knowledge to sit in a place of fully supporting you with your Work. Clients often find things that they find some beliefs more difficult without the support.  A Certified Facilitator can help you unlock deeply held beliefs, through having done so themselves.

Questions about working with a trained Certified Facilitator

Q – I’ve been to a psychologist/psychiatrist/counsellor and it hasn’t shifted anything why will this be any different? If you come to The Work sessions with an open mind, anything is possible.  The Work is all about you finding the answers.  It is a different approach to psychology,  psychiatry or counselling. I have worked with people who have been to a psychologist or psychiatrist for many years and gave it up when they did The Work. After doing The Work they noticed big differences in themselves.

Questions about The Work sessions

Q – How long are your sessions? If you are new to The Work a session will usually last from an hour to an hour and a half.  We take as long as you need to do your Work.  It will all depend on what we uncover during the session and how many beliefs we Work.

Q – Do I need to do anything to prepare for a session?  No.  You simply bring yourself and your stressful situation and I work with you on finding the thought and writing a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet (JYN).  If you are familiar with the JYN then you can have it prepared and bring it with you, if that works for you.  We can then use that as the basis for the session.

Questions about payment for sessions

Q – How much do you charge?  I have a fee of $70 USD for a one hour session and $90 USD for a one and a half hour session.  Often though I am willing to accept as little as $20 per session, depending on your circumstances. You can purchase a ten pack of one hour sessions and receive a discount. I also have fees for couples sessions.  You will find all of the prices on the Individual session page.

Q – How do I make a payment?  You can pre-pay for your session with your credit card or PayPal account using the Book a Session button on the Individual Sessions page.  I also accept Bank Transfer payments.

Q – Do you offer package deals?  Yes.  You can pay up front for 10 one hour individual sessions ($700) and receive a discount off the individual one hour rate.

We also offer a package for couples. This consists of five individual sessions for each person and three couple sessions.  The total cost for this package is $1300. This can be paid by instalments if agreed prior to the first session.

Q – What if I have bought a package and after the first session decide I don’t want to continue?  No problems, I will happily refund the balance of the payment, minus the cost for the first session and an administration fee of $20.

Q – Are the sessions covered under Private Health Insurance?  No, these sessions are not covered under any Private Health funds at this point in time.

Questions about who I Work with

Q – Do you work with couples? Yes.  Working with the two of you in a session is a really worthwhile exercise.  I spend an hour and a half for couple sessions as I Work with each partners Worksheet.

Q – Can children do The Work too? Yes. Children pick up The Work very easily.  It is wonderful for school age children and teenagers.  I use ‘Tiger, Tiger‘ written by Byron Katie to introduce The Work to young children.

Questions about the 28 Day Program

Q – It seems expensive?  Maybe you have been to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist before. How much did you, or are you currently paying for Psychology/Psychotherapy/Counselling or other self-help programs?  The 28-day program works out at $20 USD per session. Is that more expensive than what you are currently paying? It may be if you have full health insurance coverage. How much is it worth, to you, for a new perspective on life?

Q – What if I don’t feel like working one day? There is flexibility in the way that we work together.  If you feel the need to have a break from the 28 days, then a day or two is possible.  The aim of doing the 28 days is to have you feel confident in learning this self-inquiry practice, so a much longer break and it does not serve you.

For those meeting three times a week, the commitment is to meet on those days.  The power of this work will be in you being willing to give yourself that time to make a shift in your life. What is three hours a week for nine weeks, compared to the rest of your life living in misery?

Q – I feel so overwhelmed; I wouldn’t know where to start.  That is the best part of this program.  You don’t need to think about anything; turn up at our agreed time. That is all you need to do. I will support you to begin this process.  And that is something as simple as me asking you what is happening now in your life.  I find it’s a great place to start.

Q – Is this program covered under a mental health plan or health insurance?  I wish it was covered under a mental health plan and no, it is not.  It is also not covered under Private Health Insurance.  This program has had profound results for the people who have undertaken it, and yet without the required licences, it is not covered by Health Insurance.

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