Relationship Coaching Intro




Have you thought about relationship coaching?

Relationship coaching is all about working on the areas of your relationship that aren’t working, and being supported with new ways of approaching things.

How do you want to improve your relationship?

Do you have an idea in your head of what your ideal relationship would be like?  What ways do you want to improve your relationship, or maybe it’s relationships? Like your relationship with your Mom and your Partner for example.

You might have realized that there are patterns in what’s happening not only in your personal life, also work life and so if you fix one you fix them both.

I’m here to support you to improve your relationships and make them stronger and less stressful.

We’ll work on strategies for each situation that you have.  That might be for you to become clearer on your want and how you can speak that out loud.  It might be that you find you are too focused on them, and not enough about yourself.  That might be a big thing to learn.

The purpose of us working together is so you gain new skills and ways of being in a relationship. Ways that make the relationship work for you, so you’re happy and enjoying it. You get to be you and the other person gets to be themselves too.

Let’s work together for 7 sessions

Let’s make time to work together for seven one hour sessions.  That way it gives you time to put into practice the tips and tricks that I will share with you. You’ll be able to also come back and feedback how things are going.  It’s not a long commitment, and yet it might just be long enough to make a difference to your life.