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Dive into the first part of the Parenting Program,  21 Days of Parenting Tips.

Each day you will receive tips on parenting, delivered to you via email.

Your daily email will contain a video to watch and some things to consider.

The Parenting Tip videos are short and give you something to think about, or notice.

Each Tip will support you in beginning to notice what is happening between you and your child.

The aim of this video series is for you to begin to create a stronger connection with your child, simply by becoming aware of what is really happening, for you, when you interact with them.

These Parenting Tips are about seeing that maybe there is a different way of meeting your child.

It is about beginning to look at each interaction on a different level.

This 21 days is about being open to noticing.  That’s it!

You will receive daily videos from 3 – 7 minutes long.

Plus, an opportunity to join a free webinar call at Day 7, 14 and 21 to talk about your experience. This allows you an opportunity to share with other parents on the same journey what’s working and what isn’t.

I’ll be there to answer any questions you have.

You will also receive a BONUS tip and a downloadable guide to help you once the 21 days have finished.  This guide will help you remember the tips that were delivered during the 21 days.

These videos have been produced to support you in your parenting. In building a stronger relationship with your child you will be undoing some of your own parenting patterns.


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