Family Relationships Workshop



In this weekend workshop, we will explore our family relationships, with our Mother, Father, Sister and Brother.  We will dive back into our childhood experiences to understand and look at how we saw ourselves back then.  Did you think you weren’t good enough?  You may have believed that you needed to make your Mum happy all the time, in order to be okay.

What we’ll explore during the weekend

We will work through different activities to collect our stressful thoughts, and then work them using The Work.

Some of the exercises include:

  • I assume my Mother/Father/Sister/Brother…….
  • My Mother shouldn’t….
  • I resent my Sister/Brother because…
  • My Sister/Brother doesn’t like me because…

How the weekend runs

We open our day with a meditation and bringing ourselves into the present.  Time is spent on exercises and then working beliefs from our lists.  We take a ‘Morning Walk’ getting still and noticing our thoughts also, on one of the days.

There are morning and afternoon breaks for water/herbal tea top ups.  We have a lunch break in which we go to a local eatery.

What is provided

  • A workbook, worksheets, pen and paper
  • Healthy snacks
  • Filtered water, herbal tea

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let me know when you register.

Where is the workshop held?

The workshop is held in our beautiful home in North Melbourne.

Easy access via public transport and freeways.

Free on street parking available for the duration of the workshop.