Slow Your Busy Mind Online Class


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Join this class to go beyond the basics to complete a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet

If you have been doing The Work for a while, or are completely new to The Work this online class is for you.  In this class, we go beyond the basics of completing a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet.

Each week we’ll explore some different techniques so that in a given moment you can get in touch with what is occurring for you, even if that means not naming the emotion.  This will help you to capture the #1 statement for your JYN  from the place of the most intense emotion.

This course runs for six weeks. The commitment required is 1.5 hours of online interactive webinar per week for the four weeks, and one hour of partner practice.

In these classes we will:

  • Explore the emotions list
  • Slow down the movie strip that has run through your mind
  • Record your story and listen back to it to find beliefs
  • Listen for the most intense emotional moment
  • Practice listening to what your client has said
  • Get in touch with the emotion you are feeling

What you will need for this course:

  • The time commitment to be on the call 1.5 hours per week for four weeks
  • The Work Emotions List (download from here if you haven’t got a copy easily accessible)
  • Access to a voice recorder
  • Willingness to access Dropbox in order to share mp3 files. Note: these files will be deleted at the end of the course.
  • Willingness to join a Secret Facebook Group to share your insights and homework postings
  • Openness to explore

Questions, please reach out.

Note: This class does not count as credit for ITW Certification candidates.