Anxiety Support using The Work

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Anxiety support coaching is for those suffering from anxiety.

This anxiety support program is a 16-week program using Inquiry-Based Coaching.

We spend the first five weeks looking at Inquiry-Based Coaching (The Work of Byron Katie) and how this tool can be used to support you and your anxiety. For the next 11 weeks, we work on you using this tool as a daily practice each time you feel anxious.

You will be part of a group, each person dealing with anxiety, so you will not be alone.

Your sessions can be in person, via Zoom, an online platform.  Don’t let distance be a barrier to you finding piece.

These sessions help:

  • anyone suffering from general anxiety
  • those with ADHD or ADD
  • people on anxiety medication
  • those suffering from OCD
  • anyone experience social anxiety

Anxiety Program
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