Welcome to the Inquiry At Work Podcast. Our Podcast episodes are published weekly on a Thursday.

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2017 Episodes

Episode 17 – Do you notice your child-like reactions?

Episode 16 – Conscious or unconscious expectations?

Episode 15 – Do you intellectualise doing The Work?

Episode 14 – Do you notice your inner critic?

Episode 13 – Why their reactions matter

Episode 11How do you treat the men in your life?

Episode 105 Tips for doing The work when you are anxious

Episode 9 – Let children express their emotions

Episode 8 – How to make decisions using The Work

2016 Episodes

Episode 7Putting on my facade to protect myself

Episode 6Do you listen to yourself when you speak?

Episode 5Do you ask for what you want?

Episode 4I’m not being listened to

Episode 3Making things personal

Episode 2That sounded defensive

Episode 1 – Whose approval are you waiting for?

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