Slow Down Your Busy Mind Class

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Each webinar runs for 1.5 hours.  This class runs for four weeks.

Cost:   $120.00 USD   payable via PayPal  

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The next class starts on Friday March 1st at

12 noon – 1.30 pm

Mountain Std Time (USA)

 I Want To Slow Down My Busy Mind

If you find that you have so many thoughts and don’t know where to start, this class is for you

Are you anxious, have lots of thoughts running around in your head and don’t know where to start doing The Work?

You come to do The Work and you can’t find THE moment, as there are so many of them?

You know that the process is to get in touch with the feeling and even that is hard to pinpoint and name? It’s so frustrating.  Especially when you know there is something there to Work.

This course is about helping you slow down what is going through your mind in order to catch one moment of emotional response. From that place, we can find the thought to work.

This course is about helping you find and sit in a moment and locate the thought behind that moment. We will focus on locating Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, statements.

Each week we’ll explore some different techniques so that in a given moment you can get in touch with what is occurring for you, even if that means not naming the emotion.  This will help you to capture the #1 statement for your JYN.

This course runs for four weeks. The commitment required is 1.5 hours of webinar interaction per week for the four weeks, and one hour of partner practice.

In these classes we will:

  • Explore the emotions list
  • Slow down the movie strip that has run through your mind
  • Record your story and listen back to it to find beliefs
  • Listen for the most intense emotional moment
  • Practice listening to what your client has said
  • Get in touch with the emotion you are feeling

What you will need for this course:

  • The time commitment to be on the call 1.5 hours per week for four weeks
  • The Work Emotions List (download from here if you haven’t got a copy easily accessible)
  • Access to a voice recorder
  • Willingness to access Dropbox in order to share mp3 files.
  • Willingness to join a Secret Facebook Group to share your insights and homework postings
  • Openness to explore

What happens if you miss a class?

The classes will be recorded each week so you will be able to view the session that you have missed.  As there is homework with a partner it would work if you can still meet that commitment.

Note: This class does not count as credit for ITW Certification candidates.

What other people have said about this class

I’d like to thank Karen for offering this teleclass and sharing your insights with us. It IS very helpful and insightful to slow down the movie in our head. It seems that when we write down the JYN while we slow down the movie and while we are really there and connect to the feelings then, just writing down the JYN itself is The Work, half of TW is done or sometimes all Work is done. It’s been quite a journey for me to do this teleclass. I experienced some resistance sometimes and I thought this class was just for the beginners(?) of TW(meaning that there was the part of me believing I’m not a beginner haha) but it was just another story of my mind. It was the perfect class for me. I learned a lot during this teleclass.. how to really connect to the feelings and write down the JYN while I’m there in the situation. I strongly recommend this class to those not only new to TW but also who believes them to be more experienced with TW. ”  – S.L 2016

I got so much out of this course. Here are some of the highlights for me:

•I loved the initial exercise of simply noticing at least one stressful thought a day and writing down where I was, what was happening (and with whom,) what was said and what emotions and thoughts came up. That taught me to be very in touch with the ups and downs that happen to me on a daily basis and to notice how sometimes minor stressful thoughts are related to the bigger ones. It also showed me how stressful thoughts can build up if not acknowledged.

• I enjoyed getting experience facilitating and how Karen showed, coached and taught me how to be a better facilitator.

• One of the most powerful aspects of the course and what really taught me to slow down the movie was learning how to describe the details, very carefully, around any situation involving a stressful thought, even if those details didn’t seem to me at first to be related to the thought I was working on.

• Towards the end of the course when I started going back into my past to find situations that felt the same as the ones I was currently working on was also very powerful for me and something I’d like to explore more.” – T.E. 2016

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