Money Mindset

Are you worried about not having enough money?

Thinking all the time that what you have won’t go far enough?

Not feeling worthy enough to ask for a raise?

Working long hours and not being paid enough for what you do?

Money is one of the number one stressors in American’s lives according to Jordan Dechtman of Dechtman Wealth Management.

I am guessing that is not something new to you!

You are probably one of those people feeling the stress of financial worries.

Time to look at what is causing the stress

moneyMaybe it’s time to look at what beliefs and thoughts run your daily life, with regard to money.

You may have a lot of them that you are not even aware of.

They may be family beliefs or ideas about money.

We have all heard our Mothers or Fathers, or better yet our Grandparents, tell us that money is the root of evil, or that you have to work hard to have enough money.

The value at looking at your thought patterns

When we think about our finances we think about the word money, and yet there are lots of other words that go hand in hand with that: finances, income, abundance, wealth, worth, worthiness

Throughout our life we have created stories and belief patterns related to all of these and more often than not it’s about what we think we can’t have or don’t deserve, rather than what we do.

You might have limiting beliefs that

  • stop you from investing;
  • have you not be willing to go out there and promote what you do;
  • stop you from sitting down to negotiate with your boss;
  • not allow you to consider possibilities in regards to your debt;
  • cripple you so you can’t apply for jobs.

This class is for you if you…

  • want to undo your thinking patterns around money,
  • hope to change the way you interact with money in 2019,
  • have had enough of thinking the way you do about money,
  • want to see things differently moving forward,
  • see that it’s time to be abundant.

What we’ll cover

What were you told about money – Uncovering your family belief patterns.

The fears stopping you from having what you want – What fears about money stop you from doing things.

You’re not of value if you don’t have money – Exploring your self worth.

If you lose all your money, that means that… – What do you believe that money does for you, gives you

Noticing your fears of having abundance/being abundant – What fears or beliefs hold you back from feeling abundant?

How much do you think you are worth? – Let’s put a dollar figure on that and talk about it.

The benefits of joining the class

You’ll get to uncover the thinking patterns holding you back from being wealthy and having the abundance you deserve.

We’ll uncover WHERE these limiting beliefs came from so that you can change your thinking patterns.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of how a simple shift in your thinking can make a difference to your abundance.

This is a small group of people all here for the same reason – to work on their mindset about wealth, abundance and money.

How the class works

Each week we meet for 1.5 hours online via Zoom.

You can easily add the Zoom app to your iPhone or iPad, or access it directly from your Desktop or Laptop.  There are also dial in numbers available if you don’t have a smart phone.

Each week we explore the topic listed through discussion about your thoughts; what arises for you.

We also look at the Law of Attraction and how some simple changes can shift our thinking, if you choose to use them.

Class Schedule

This class will run on Monday afternoons from 10 am – 11.30 am  Mountain Standard Time (USA) commencing on March 12th, 2019 for six consecutive weeks.

Check your equivalent time here.


The cost of this online class is $90 USD.

Explore Your Worthiness – Sign Up Now!






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