Explore your relationship with your Mother

How is your relationship with your Mother?

We all know that our Mother is the first person we create a bond with after we’re born, and yet our relationship with her can be very strained.

As a child, we depend so much on our Mother. We wanted her to be there to care for us, love us and nurture us.  Sometimes this didn’t happen.  She may not have known how to do that and yet for us, as a child, we depended on it for our ability to feel safe and okay in this world.  When it wasn’t forthcoming, we began to be needy, reaching out and doing what we could to feel safe.  This may have been by doing things to make our Mother happy, or proud of us.  It may have been to others as we thought that our Mother didn’t love or care for us.

Sometimes as an adult, we react to certain situations with a childlike response.  This may not always be a conscious action. It is our inner child replaying what they know as their natural response to life, as they knew it.  One of the gifts we can give ourselves is to explore this child’s thinking and question if their reality was true.

Your relationships with your Mother may have been strained, or still be so.  You might find it difficult to communicate with them; connect with them, or even love them.

If you’re open to changing that relationship, then join me for this interactive online class to get in touch with the core beliefs that you have about YOUR Mother.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve explored:

* Our beliefs about not being loved and cared for
* How we believe she compares us with others (our Fathers, Sisters or Brothers)
* Our story that it’s our responsibility to take care of her
* The ways in which she has controlled our life and our life choices
* How she hasn’t taken care of our emotional well-being
* Our life where we weren’t heard or seen
* What it means to have to be good all the time
* Why no matter what we did, it wasn’t good enough for her

* Our beliefs about how controlling she is of our life

 mother relationship

What I’ve found exploring my beliefs

My journey with exploring my thoughts about my Mother has completely changed my relationship with her.  I used to be so uncomfortable around my Mum that I couldn’t even spend five minutes on a phone call.  That was too much.  I got so emotional talking to her.

I had a long string of beliefs that she:

  • didn’t love me
  • wanted my brother more than me
  • thought nothing I did was good enough
  • didn’t want to listen to me
  • thought it was more important I was a good girl and didn’t misbehave
  • didn’t care if I was upset
  • wasn’t happy when I expressed my emotions around her
  • was only happy when I was buying her things

I have questioned and challenged many beliefs about her, and it has now led to me having a much closer relationship with her.  We now spend up to an hour and a half on the phone happily chatting about life.  I am comfortable sitting and listening to her, no matter how many times she has told me the same thing over and over again.

How it works:

Each week we will explore a belief about our relationship with our Mother.

There will be interactive discussions about how these beliefs show up.

You will get to get in touch with your specific thoughts regarding these concepts.

We will be writing Judge Your Neighbour Worksheets and doing The Work too.

Each week will be different.

You will get to explore how to get in touch with your childhood experiences and find the situations and beliefs.

We meet using Zoom an online program in which we get to see each other when we meet.

Working in a small group is very intimate and engaging as you can interact with the other participants fully.

When do we meet?

The next group commences on

Monday November 5th at 3 pm (Mountain Standard Time)

This four-week class runs every month.  You are welcome to reach out if you are interested in joining a future cycle.

What does it cost?

It costs $100 for the four weeks in total.  Each week we meet for  1.0 hours with a small group and a Facilitator of The Work trained by Byron Katie International and we do The Work on the concept that shows up for the week


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