Online Classes to explore your thoughts

Join an Online Class

Explore your thoughts from the comfort of your home in weekly online classes.  We meet at a set time each week for four to six weeks and explore thoughts on the particular topic.  Each online class series has the main theme so that we sit deeply and explore that area of our thinking.

I will email information on how to connect to the class before the first week’s session.  We use Zoom to connect.  All you need is an internet connection.  You can connect via telephone call into the Zoom session too.

Explore specific topic areas that are causing you to not be at peace by attending one of our weekly classes.  

I regularly run these 4 or 6-week online small group classes.  Here are some of the offerings:

I run an ongoing four-week series where we explore our thinking about our Mother using The Work. Each class I introduce a thought or concept, and you see how that shows up for you.  We find moments, we write Judge Your Neighbor worksheets, or we do The Work. The class has a maximum of six participants.



slow down the movie

Too many thoughts running around in your head?  Join a six week ‘Slow Down The Movie’ class.  In this class, we have fun slowing down that movie picture of a situation that runs through our head when we react.  We play with the emotions list and recording our story of what happened.




parenting programI host a parenting class where we spend six weeks exploring what it means to be a parent. We undo some of the core beliefs we hold by using the label Mother or Father. Questioning these thoughts allows you to be more present and connected with your child/children.

You also receive 21 days of parenting tip videos.



feel unworthy

When we think about money we don’t often think about our feelings of worthiness or about wealth and abundance. In the six week Money Mindset class we explore these concepts.






Here are the Virtual class offerings (Do It Yourself)





Are you so certain that you’re right and the other person is wrong that you lose sight of them?  Do you feel so adamant that you can’t be wrong that you aren’t even able to hear reason, let alone the other person?  If so this class is for you.  In it, we explore being right.


Classes coming soon

Dealing with the fear of moving through change in your life

How many changes do you currently have occurring in your life?  Parents ageing, children growing older and leaving home, retirement pending, changing jobs, moving interstate or overseas, being made redundant, starting a family, starting a relationship, getting divorced. Each one of these changes has an emotional journey beside it that we often get caught up in.  In this weekly class, we explore our fears around the change.


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