Why work with me as your Life Coach

Why work with me as your life coach?

As a life coach I have a breadth and depth of skill like no other.

Yes, each and every Coach has a range of different skills that provide different support for you.

My experience brings together knowledge from the corporate world, grief, addiction, anxiety, suicide prevention, divorce, transitions and emotional insights into one package.

This package has me able to support you by being non-judgmental and present, every time we meet.

I don’t need to fix you or change you.

My role as your Coach is to support you to find a path through what is happening for you.

We do this by talking through what’s happening and finding the best way to resolve whatever unease is occurring.

This may be using holistic counseling techniques, self-inquiry, or simply by noticing and providing feedback.

I don’t provide advice.  I don’t need to.

What I will do, as your Coach, is share my experience and what has worked for me.  It is then up to you if you want to try that, or something different.

Brainstorming ideas and options is something I do often.  That way you come up with your own ideas of what might work for you.

Used Self-Inquiry before? I have extensive experience in that.

When you start self-inquiry, in my experience two things can happen.

Firstly, you see how easy it is and dive headlong into doing it yourself and self-facilitating.

You may notice that sometimes situations and beliefs keep re-surfacing, even though you’ve worked them before.

Secondly, you struggle to understand it and while you see the value and want to do it, you can’t grasp how it works.

So, you give it a go for a while and then stop, or get frustrated and believe that it doesn’t Work.

You might also think that you are ‘stuck’ in the process.

I have had both of these scenarios expressed by people that I have worked with.

I’ve been working with this method now for seven years.

This has given me lots of experience as a facilitator of The Work and shown me profound shifts in my own life and the lives of the people that I have worked with.

The Work does work. All it takes is sitting in your inquiry for that to be true.

With me as your coach, I will help you undo what’s not working for you, so you too get the real benefit from The Work.

In working with me you will:

  • experience being listened to.
  • be respected for where you are at, right now.
  • know that you’ll get the truth from me, no matter what.
  • share my experiences and knowledge

And if you are working with me, primarily for Self-Inquiry using The Work,

  • be held in your self-inquiry.  I will hold you in the space of doing self-inquiry.  I will bring you back if you go into your story.  I will assist you, to find what is true for you.
  • gain assistance to get to the core moment when the stressful belief arose.  I will support you to find and focus on the moment with the most intense emotional reaction. On your own, you may not necessarily find it.
  • be supported in capturing your thoughts on paper. I will support you by holding you in your moment to capture your beliefs or complete a JYN.  This will allow you to sit in the emotion without needing to write. The difference in capturing a JYN from it being an ‘analytical’ exercise versus from sitting in the emotion of the moment is profound.
  • work with someone who completed over 1000 hours of her own sef-inquiry before Certification and who continues with her own Work daily. During my Certification and since I spend on average four to six hours a day doing self-inquiry (The Work).

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