Find Your Hidden Self: A Self-Inquiry Journey

Do you want to find your hidden self underneath your mental noise?

Do you want to meet the self that is hidden underneath your story and the labels that you have for yourself?

What do you notice happens to you when you think you should be reacting one way and you don’t.  Or, you imagine that people see you in a certain way and then you find out they don’t?

If you feel as though you are struggling to be real, to be your true self, then come explore what’s hidden underneath your story of who you think you are.

Find Your True Self

On this journey, we’ll use self-inquiry to explore and find the true self that’s been lost for many years due to the story you’ve laid over it.

We spend time immersed in our own self-inquiry in a small group environment.

We spend time together in a private online group setting.

Each month there is a theme and we spend four weeks exploring that theme.  It gives us an opportunity to explore the many ways that we think we are,  and how we label ourselves.

My own experience with using self-inquiry to find my hidden self

The person that I thought I was, was hidden under many layers of identities who were there to protect me.  They kept ‘me’ safe and helped me deal with day to day situations.

I have seen huge shifts in my life, my relationships and my own sense of self, all by questioning my thinking. When I explored the labels that I believe fitted me: Sister, Daughter, Mother, Project Manager, Change Manager, Friend, I found a different side of myself.

I have come to a deeper place of trust with myself and a knowingness that has me feeling free to let life be as it is, confident in my own ability to take care for myself and be who I am.

Do you want to find who the real you is?


Find Yourself and Be That

About this 12 month program:

  • We meet each week for a 1.5-hour online class.
  • We do self-inquiry each week on a topic area
  • Each month there is a different theme
  • You have the option of meeting to do partner work with another participant.
  • We meet for two separate weekend workshops.
    • The first explores our sense of self theme,
    • The second explores our core relationships with our Mother, Father, Sister, Brother.

What you might get from participating:

  1. An understanding of who you really are without your story
  2. A deeper understanding of self-inquiry and how it can support you
  3. A shift in your life pattern

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do a 12-month program?

There is real value in committing to undertaking regular self-inquiry.  The program allows you to meet someone who has a lot of experience in self-inquiry, and a group of others committed to their own self-inquiry journey.  You get support to drop into regular self-inquiry practice.

What if I start it and decide I don’t want to continue?

In order to undertake this program, you are making a commitment to be part of it for the entire 12 months.  If you think you might not continue then talk to me before signing up.  If you find a particular week or theme difficult and are struggling, reach out for support and we can arrange a single or several individual sessions.


Use my contact form and reach out. We can make time to connect via a 30-minute phone call to talk more about your interest in the program and how it may support you. I look forward to connecting to talk about your hidden self.

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