Inquiry Based Life Coaching

Does life always feel difficult?

Are there times for you when life feels so difficult that you want to cry?

You’re not enjoying your job; There are problems with your relationship and all you seem to do is argue with each other all the time; When speaking to your family (Mother, Father, Siblings) you’re triggered emotionally ; The friends that you thought you had aren’t there for you when you need them.

Do you have trouble sleeping and feel tired and stressed all the time? Or are you constantly anxious?

You’ve had ‘help’ and it hasn’t worked

Have you been to other health practitioners, such as psychologists or psychotherapists and felt as though you didn’t get anywhere? Even after many years of visits.

Maybe you’ve even tried counselling or other esoteric methods. You may have spent lots of money on these sessions too.

Inquiry Based Life Coaching is a new method of life coaching.  It uses self inquiry, or the art of questioning your thinking, to support you in changing your life.

How is Inquiry Based Life Coaching different?

Inquiry Based Life Coaching starts with the here and now. It then helps you track back to the core time something emotionally triggered you and assists you to re-frame that situation in a way to bring you peace.

This method is easy to learn. Once you’ve learnt it it’s something you can do yourself, or do with a worldwide community of others who are using this method for their own freedom.

Where other methods analyse issues and assist you to find solutions, this method is all about connecting with your feelings. Getting in touch with the inner you.

What if I have trouble connecting with my feelings?

Not a problem.  Inquiry Based Life Coaching is a gentle method that will have you slowly peel away the layers to get in touch with your buried feelings.

My own experience of finding my feelings has been wonderful and empowering.  I’m no longer scared of feeling them. I now allow myself to feel.  It makes life easier and I’m healthier and happier for it.

Does it work?

Yes it works, as much as you want to commit time to the process.  As your Life Coach I’ll support you to work through the situations that show up in order to clear them. People have shifted lifetime trauma’s using this approach.  Relationships will change in ways you can’t imagine. Your own relationship with yourself will be different.

Life will become easier on a day to day basis.

I’ve spent three years undertaking my own personal work using this method, and continue to do so daily. I’m happy to share my own experience with you if that will help you.

Is it a quick fix method

No.  This method is not a quick fix method. It takes time and commitment to bring about the changes that you may want in your life.  Whilst issues may dissolve when you’ve undertaken inquiry sessions, they will not go away completely unless you continue working through what arises.  The one thing about this method is that you learn the tools and you can do it yourself, without the support of a coach.

What are the benefits of using this method?

  • It’s simple and easy to learn
  • You can use the process yourself, without needing ongoing support from a coach
  • It’s effective as soon as you learn it
  • Your relationships will change in ways that you can’t imagine
  • Any stress that you feel will gradually dissolve
  • You’ll notice more peace in your life over time

There is a longer list of benefits which you can find here.

Interested in trying it?

If you’ve got an issue that’s really troubling you, then give Inquiry-Based Life Coaching a try. You’ll have a feeling after three sessions whether it is going to work for you or not. Purchase your three sessions and start the journey to change your life.  I look forward to supporting you on your life-changing journey.


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