Testimonials from people who have worked with Karen


Tempe E (California, USA)

Tempe E

“The 28 day program benefited me in so many ways. Doing The Work everyday made it a more natural part of my thought process and created the habit of doing it every day on my own (or with a partner when possible.) I became much better at recalling memories from my past and seeing how they might relate to my current situation and stressful thoughts. I found that through daily practice I got better at seeing who I would be and how I would feel without those stressful thoughts.

Also, the recordings you gave me were tremendously helpful because they allowed me to step back and pay more attention to how you facilitated me. Even though I didn’t facilitate you during the program, I strongly believe I have become a better facilitator by listening to those recordings and paying attention to the facilitation process as well as my own reactions.

Additionally, you helped take me through one of the most stressful and painful periods of my life and come out stronger and much more peaceful than I believe I would have been without your program. The timing of this program couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I am very grateful for that and for your compassionate presence throughout my ordeal.

Thank you so much for offering this program. I appreciate that you gave me an affordable way to dramatically deepen my own practice of The Work and start a daily practice. I miss working with you daily, and I hope to sign up for another 28 program at some point.”

Lorraine S (Birmingham UK)
Lorraine S

What I got out of doing the 28 day program. It feels a bit difficult to put into words. I’ve written a few drafts and ideas of what I could write, now this is off the top of my head. I finished the 28 days program a few weeks ago. Something profound is happening to me. After doing The Work on my own (6 years) and using the Helpline facilitator’s for (3 years) I am experiencing that my heart has a loud voice. My heart knows and has the answers. I feel my heart, a solid space inside me coming alive. A woman that doesn’t know me has appeared in my life. She gave me her unwavering attention. Walked me through to another deeper level of The Work. I always and still want to go to a School, but this has been my own school.

I got to experience feeling completely connected to a woman again. This hasn’t happen for many decades and I have never experienced this as an adult. This was an immediate and profound affect on how I see and feel around women especially my Mother. Feeling connected to my mother…has been an impossible thing that I have ached for, and didn’t think possible for decades. Every day the connection between me and my Mother is rapidly deepening. My eyes are feeling wider and wider. My mother has changed towards me. It feels like we are getting to know each other for the first time. I cant believe it and I feel my hearts been given back to me. Like I’m just breathing for the first time properly.


Lorraine SNow I remember why I called Karen a witch jokingly, cos this is fucking good and real. I hope she leaves this bit in. I got love, a friend that doesn’t want anything back from me, a woman holding me while I expressed how uncomfortable and fearful I was working with her. I dreaded working with Karen and was scared of her (as I am with all women). She made me feel comfortable enough for me to feel I could say the impossible, the uncomfortable feelings/thoughts I was having towards her being a woman. I couldn’t stop thinking “she is a bitch”, and I was expecting her to attack me in some way, to sound bitchy, uncaring, fake, cold. I was waiting for it. I told Karen every time I had the thought she’s a bitch, which was scary, and strange. Very uncomfortable to say to another person.

Going through life hiding these thoughts and feelings has been a perfected act, finally lifting the lid on it, and seeing just how fixed it was in my mind with the feelings/reactions to go with it was fucking scary, and I couldn’t of wished for a kinder, more genuine person to do that with. There was not a microscopic trace of her reacting to it, and I looked for it as well as having an inbuilt radar that is automatically on expecting this from women. This blew my mind, and my heart really felt it too. She didn’t act like I was attacking her. I knew in my mind and heart she didn’t think it was about her but I couldn’t switch off the thoughts and feelings. And that’s the whole point of this work, I will still think and feel this way towards women until I get to the real cause.  



Julian D (Illinois, USA)

Julian D


The 28 day challenge is a great opportunity to stay committed in your inquiry practice. I’ve had difficulty staying in inquiry post my first school and I found that having a partner to do The Work with daily helps me stay committed. Karen holds the space for her clients and is EXTREMELY patient with me. She allows me to tell my story and we sit and figure out what I want to look at. There is no pressure at all. Just show up and just tell her what’s on your mind. I feel really comfortable and relaxed and willing/able to touch any topic. The rest is up to you! Karen holds the space for you. I HIGHLY recommend it!”


Jennifer H (Louisiana, USA)

Jennifer H

“I’ve been doing The Work with Karen now for a few months, and as a result, have experienced a huge shift in my life. She has a way of helping me get to the core root of issues, and after working many of them, the people in my life are now commenting on how different I seem. The biggest area she’s helped me with is in my relationships, both with myself and the people in my life. I’m astounded at how different my life feels now. She’s patient with me, encourages me to be kind to myself, and supportive when I struggle to find answers. I appreciate her opening up to me with her own struggles and the realizations she has found. And, she isn’t afraid to laugh – sometimes the discoveries are downright hilarious! I’m so grateful to have found and worked with Karen Munro!”

Ray L (California, USA)

Ray L

“I have worked with Karen for about six months, probably five times a week. She is amazing at helping me to identify the original insult, (invariably connected to one of my caretakers from my youth), underlying the current upset. If I am ready to work the original hurt she guides me there and if I am not ready she recognizes it and helps me to work on the current issue. I could not recommend her more highly.” – 

Marie M (Napier, New Zealand)

Napier NZ

December 2015
“Hi all,
Karen and I met though our 141’s practice then connected and worked together in Daily practice for over 6 months…what a ride! We then connected again at the school last March, a precious time.
My experience of Karen is that she loves to support and facilitate others in inquiry. She goes the ‘extra mile’ as we say here in Australasia. She is someone in my experience who is committed to her own unfolding as much as she is to working with others.
Her approach is kind, measured, and clear. We have shared many moments of laughter and tears together, after insights, concepts have been worked and in our general ordinariness. Sharing an often similar way of viewing concepts and life…no new thoughts.
There is something about Karen, that is trustworthy, I experience her as someone I can share my deepest and most painful thoughts with, safely, she meets me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen as someone who is willing and able to sit in inquiry with intelligence and heart. Thank you.”

Thor T(Sweden)

Thor T

“I’d been doing The Work with Karen for several months and was amazed by the profound depth and the willingness to investigate whatever painful beliefs that came up. I experience Karen as a very skillful and dedicated person in the area of personal growth. Also, I was deeply touched by the space Karen provided as a facilitator of The Work. I felt very safe and felt the support from her beautiful, still presence to move into areas of my life that I have not been able to deal with before. I can totally recommend Karen as your guide into your beautiful self, if freedom is what you really want”

Andrea C (Mexico)

Andrea C

“I am very thankful that Karen crossed my path through the Work. I reached out for help in one of many “desperate” moments and she nicely offered to help. Doing the work with her ever since has been a gift. She has a very present way of walking you through The Work that just makes me feel deeply supported and connected. There are no words for me to explain what The Work has brought to my life. I just know now that I am feeling more alive than ever and those “desperate” moments come very rarely now and when they do they fade away in a blink of an eye. My life has completely shifted in just 8 months and Karen has definitely been a key element of my journey. Thank you!!!”

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