Can you provide feedback without blame?

feedback without blame

I now provide feedback without blame. Sounds crazy, I know, but consider this… I have been doing ‘The Work’ on my thoughts when I feel stressed by them.  One of the great benefits that I have from doing that is my communication has become clearer. When I am clear about what…

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Questioning gender equality in the workplace

questioning gender equality in the workplace

Annabel Crabb wrote an article in ‘The Age’ newspaper in October last year titled “Babies, business and gender“. It was questioning gender equality in the workplace. When I read the article I noticed a long list of beliefs expressed by Annabel: Women can’t work and be a mother Men shouldn’t…

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Dealing with corporate psychopaths

dealing with corporate psychopaths

Do you have any corporate psychopaths in your workplace? In an article by Darren Hill titled “Could you spot a psychopath at work” he discusses the characteristics of a psychopath.  He describes them as “having high self confidence and social assertiveness; a lack of inhibition, great stress tolerance, take risks…

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It’s okay to feel your emotions

feel your emotions

It’s okay to FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS. We believe that it is not okay for us to feel.  In our workplaces we don’t even speak the word ’emotion.’  It’s taboo. And yet, we are all humans, we all feel.  We become emotional based on what we are thinking and believing. [pullquote…

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