Benefits of self inquiry using The Work

What are the benefits of self inquiry?

People who do self inquiry as a regular practice find:

  • Their depression lifts.  They start to feel that their life is moving. Depression doesn’t run their life any more
  • They feel less stressed.  They learn to become aware as soon as they are not fully present.  They notice when they start thinking thoughts that create stress in them.
  • Anxiety and fear become okay to live with.  Instead of anxiety and fear ruling their lives, they learn to meet it and work with it.
  • Their relationships improve. Relationships improve in ways that you can’t begin to imagine, including the relationship with themselves.  Each statement and worksheet you work, makes a difference to how you interact with others. They become more connected to themselves. Their connections with others become deeper and more open.
  • Anger becomes manageable and accepted.  They no longer feel deep anger.  If anger rises they are be able to manage it in a way that is effective, for both them and the people around them.
  • Increased mental clarity.  Their head is no longer full of continuous thoughts. Decisions are made from a non-emotional or rational space.
  • Tired is no long the buzz word in their lives.  They live from a place of energy, focus and drive.
  • They live with less physical pain and illness.  Pain and illness no longer becomes a focus in life.

Benefits of self inquiry

  • Self doubt disappears.  It no longer rules their lives.
  • They are more able to deal with issues as they arise.
  • Communication with others becomes clearer.
  • They are more open to listening.
  • Emotions are experienced without judgement.
  • They are more able to express their truth in a given situation.
  • Trauma is dissolved, rather than relived.

Experience self inquiry for yourself. Try 3 sessions as an introduction.

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