What are your limiting beliefs?

What are your limiting beliefs?  And how many do you have running your life?

You may have heard people refer to them. Do you understand what they mean?

Where do beliefs come from?

We all have thoughts that we strongly believe, and that run our day-to-day life.

These beliefs have come from our childhood.

They might have been formed when our Mother told us that ‘broccoli isn’t good for us.’

You heard this and believed that broccoli wasn’t good for us.

So, now we don’t eat broccoli.

It is such a simple thing that we don’t even think about it.

You don’t consciously think about where these ‘beliefs’ come from.

Was it something your Mum or Dad said, or perhaps one of your Grandparents?

beliefsFamilies have strong beliefs

You might have heard these phrases or ideas in your family and they held a lot of weight.

Things such as ‘we are hard workers and need to work for everything we have.’

‘We don’t have as much money as others.’

Beliefs about money and status in society are some of the stronger family beliefs.

Our own childhood stories

Then there are the things that we think are true that come from our own story of who we are.

We might have tried something as a child, and our Mom told us that we did a good job.

What we heard was that ‘what we did wasn’t good enough’.

And so, we believed that.  We told ourselves that was true and it now runs our whole life.

Limiting beliefs run our experience of life

These limiting beliefs run how we experience our life.

They shortcut us at times when we would otherwise fly.

The beliefs stop us from freely experiencing all that life has to offer.

A tool to help us question your thinking

The Work of Byron Katie is a tool that allows you to question your patterns of thinking.

It is a very simple process that I have personally found works.

Whilst the process is simple it can have profound affects on shifting our perception of the thinking patterns that we have believed are true for so many years.

Using the process opens us up to possibilities and unlimits what was limiting us.

Write down YOUR thoughts

You might consider writing down some of your core thoughts, those things that stop you from fully enjoying or engaging in life.

And if you are interested in learning to break free of them, reach out and let’s talk.

About Karen Cherrett

Karen has trained as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and is also a Holistic Counselor. She wants to be of service to you to improve your love of life and all its experiences. Karen supports individuals, businesses and practitioners.

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