Addicted Partner Support Program

Your partner drinks excessively and you feel responsible for keeping him or her safe.

You hide keys, take away credit cards so all of you hard earned money isn’t spent on drink, drugs or gambling.

There is no life because your partner is always on the phone or email dealing with work issues.

The feeling of isolation and despair at times is endless for you.

This 12-week program is for you.

addicted partner

Do you wish that life was different for you?

It can feel as if you don’t have a life at times when you care so much about someone and you feel responsible for them.  You often don’t think about yourself enough as your addicted partner is the one that needs to be kept safe, looked after.

When your partner turns to their addiction of choice you can feel strongly as though you don’t matter.  When they are a high functioning addict putting on the appearance as if life is perfectly okay, when deep down you know it’s not, that’s not easy to see or be a part of either.

Often your partners addiction has a strong impact on other family members too.

Learning and being open to using self-inquiry will assist you with freeing some of your stress and anxiety.  It’s about ending your suffering.

What the program is about

This 12-week program is all about supporting YOU, the partner; the carer who feels forgotten and doesn’t think they have a life.

We use self-inquiry to help you find a place of being more able to look after yourself.

We explore:-

  • labels – such as alcoholic, addict, gambler, workaholic
  • disconnection – what it is like to feel so disconnected from life
  • comparing – how you see your partner and yourself compared to others without this affliction
  • agendas – let’s explore your agenda
  • guilt – the guilt of having a partner who is drunk or stoned a lot of the time
  • silence – believing that you can’t tell anyone how bad life is for you
  • co-dependence – the neediness in your relationship
  • see-sawing emotions

Then we look at ways of being different so that you feel more empowered

  • being in your own business
  • getting clear on what works and doesn’t work for you
  • how to bring your view of your partner back to a person having trouble with their emotions
  • practising meeting them for the first time

How the program is structured


Each week we meet for one and a half hours online where we explore one of the topic areas listed.

You also receive an audio recording or an exercise to support you via email.

I will also do a weekly check in with you via SMS/Facebook Messenger where you can share with me how you are going.

We will have a forum set up where you can privately discuss how things are going for you and ask for support.


At the six week mark of the program, we have a Sunday get together for three hours so that we can connect. Here I will share more of the self-inquiry method called The Work with you.

This will be half social connection, half support tool discussion.

Program details

When:   Wednesdays at 10 am (AEST) commencing on June 21st, 2017 -> September 6th (inclusive).  For those in the USA, this runs at 5 pm on Tuesdays (PDT).

Where:  Online via Zoom.  Details about how to connect into the sessions will be sent to you upon registration.  You simply need access to the internet via a computer or smartphone.

Cost:  $720 in total

Pay for the entire 12 weeks in full and receive one week free of charge.  The cost becomes $660.


If you want to pay in weekly instalments of $60 per week, that is also possible.


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