Question Your Thinking

Question your limiting beliefs and change your life

How many limiting beliefs do you have on a daily basis?

I had lived a life full of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and at several points, thinking about not wanting to be here, in this life, any more. And did I mention a life FULL of stress.

I considered walking out on my whole life.  My relationships were all unhealthy; those with my children, parents and work colleagues.  I hadn’t had friends so to speak of for many years.

I spent many hours a day working on my very limiting beliefs.  These were the beliefs that I had programmed through my early childhood experience.

They were about how I wasn’t wanted, was unlovable, not good enough, invisible, not seen or heard, of little importance, not good enough; you know the thoughts.

I believed I was unworthy of making money and having a joy filled life.

I now work in the space of supporting you with questioning your own limiting beliefs.

I don’t really like to label it ‘Life Coaching’ because you will have an idea of what that is, and that’s not what I do.

What I do is not Life Coaching!

When you think about working with a Life Coach, do you imagine someone who is going to help you and give you advice?

That’s where I’m different.  I’m not your typical Life Coach because I don’t give advice.

I support you, through questioning your limiting beliefs in order to find your own answers to what is troubling you, what is creating stress and tension in your life.

limiting beliefsIf you are having difficulty with life and want to make a change then maybe self-inquiry is worth a try.

Questioning limiting beliefs has worked for people who have had years of visits to Psychiatrists or Psychologists, because it’s different.  It explores things in a way that you won’t have explored them before.

Self-inquiry is a simple, yet easy to learn process that supports you to question what you believe. Questioning your limiting beliefs works to open you up to seeing other possibilities no matter how strongly you believe that what is happening is true.

This coaching method works to support those with

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • deeply held anger and resentment,
  • feelings of abuse and bullying,
  • post-traumatic stress,
  • any form of suffering can be shifted with this self-inquiry method.

I offer Inquiry-Based Life Coaching to people all over the world via Skype, Zoom or Telephone, or in-person if you live in Denver.

This method is very simple and yet can have a profound effect on how you see life after you’ve questioned your thinking.

Who it works for

It has supported people with anxiety to feel less stressed.husband alcoholic

Those depressed to feel happier with life.

People who have suicidal thoughts to meet them with kindness and compassion.

Those going through marriage breakdown or divorce to handle the situation with clarity and calmness.

Women with alcoholic husbands to handle their life in a different way.

Mothers to support their anxious children.  It works on anything.

People in business struggling with limiting beliefs about finances and money.

For those who have difficult relationships to manage, be that with their partner, boss, parents, siblings or children, this method allows you to find a place of clarity and stillness to feel self-empowered and able to deal with any situation.

Who it doesn’t work for

If you are closed minded and not open to exploring your mindset and thinking, then this process won’t work for you.

If you want to tell yourself you want to change, and are not really committed to making any shift in the way you react,  then this won’t work for you.

Wanting to be ‘Spiritual’?  Then this won’t work for you.

The Benefits of this form of Coaching

  • Learning this process allows you to have a tool readily accessible anytime you feel any sort of discomfort, be that angry, hurt, frustrated, saddened or confusion.
  • With me as your Life Coach you have someone accessible, even during crisis situations
  • It really is ‘life changing’ based on thousands of people’s experience in using this process
  • You will find that you can drop into your childhood experiences and explore them in a way that is kind and gentle and leaves you with an altered experience of childhood life.

Where to start

Feel free to reach out via my Contact Form and talk to me about your situation and what you are wanting from support.

If you think that diving in and having an experience is for you, then sign up for a 3 Session Intro Package.  This will give you a feel for the process, and how we work together.

If you are really want to change your thinking patterns then consider the 28-day program. It offers you an opportunity to be supported in a more intense way than you have probably been before.  We connect daily for 28 days. Yes, that’s right, daily. You get support for 28 consecutive days.  Stepping into this process this way has proven to be life-changing for some people.*

You may find my podcast of value.  I am about to start a new podcast too titled ‘It’s Okay to Feel,’ more details on that shortly.

I look forward to being of service to you.


An Australian who now calls Denver, Colorado home.

* Each person will have their own experience of using The Work as a tool. This 28 day program does not guarantee any outcome. It may be considered the beginning of a journey.

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