Inquiry-Based Life Coaching – a simple process that can change your life

If you are having difficulty with life and want to make a change then why not explore life coaching using self-inquiry.

It is a simple, yet easy to learn process that supports you to question what you believe. It works to open you up to seeing other possibilities no matter how strongly you believe that what is happening is true.

This life-coaching method works to support those with anxiety, depression, deeply held anger and resentment, feelings of abuse and bullying, post-traumatic stress, any form of suffering can be shifted with this self-inquiry method.

I offer Inquiry-Based Life Coaching to people all over the world via Skype, Zoom or Telephone.

This method is very simple and yet can have a profound effect on how you see life after you’ve inquired.

It has supported people with anxiety to feel less stressed; those depressed to feel happier with life; people who have suicidal thoughts to meet them with kindness and compassion; those going through marriage breakdown or divorce to handle the situation with clarity and calmness; women with alcoholic husbands to handle their life in a different way; mothers to support their anxious children.  It works on anything.

For those who have difficult relationships to manage, be that with their partner, boss, parents, siblings or children, this method allows them to find a place of clarity and stillness to feel self-empowered and able to deal with any situation.

Learning this process allows you to have a tool readily accessible anytime you feel any sort of discomfort, be that angry, hurt, frustrated, saddened or confused.

If you are really want to change your life then consider the 28-day program. It offers you an opportunity to be supported in a more intense way than you have probably been before.  It’s life-changing.

Here are the other services on offer:

inquiry-based life coaching sessions


online weekly classes


work of byron katie workshops


You may find my podcast of value.  I am about to start a new podcast too titled ‘It’s Okay to Feel,’ more details on that shortly.

I look forward to being of service to you.


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