Lower Your Anxiety Stress Overwhelm

Lower Your Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm

Are you wanting to lower your anxiety, stress or overwhelm so you can feel different?

You’re obviously here because you want to change your life. Suffering from anxiety, overwhelm and stress is not fun.

Supporting you to lower your anxiety, overwhelm and stress is my gift to you.

Life can be different

My goal is to be here to for you, beside you, to make the change to your life to no longer have to live each and every day with stress, anxiety or overwhelm. To lower your anxiety to a level where you feel freer and able to enjoy life again.

lower your anxiety

Anxiety might fill your every waking moment

You probably have anxiety most of the day, every day, and all sorts of things trigger it. Right?

Maybe you are the parent of an anxious child and lived your own childhood experiencing anxiety. I’m here to support you.

If your anxiety is related to marriage breakdown or divorce, I’m here for you.  We can find you a place where you gain clarity and are able to support yourself through this difficult time.

Waking up and dreading your day because you have an alcoholic partner and you feel overwhelmed as to how to handle the situation.  I’m here for you. We’ll work to support you to learn to handle your life in a different way by doing what works for you.

Maybe your anxiety is work-related. You don’t know what you want to do with your career, or you own your own business and success seems out of reach. I’m here to support you to look at things with new eyes.

Your worries and anxiety might be about finances and money, including investing and retirement worries, I’m here to support you to feel more abundant, worthy and capable of managing life with or without money.

Stressed from Relationship Problems?lower your anxiety

If you have difficult relationships to manage that cause you stress, be that with your partner, boss, parents, siblings or children, I’m here to support you to find a place of clarity and stillness to feel self-empowered and able to deal with any situation.

Your anxiety could be around your illness and the number of physical symptoms you experience daily, I’ll support you to focus on a different life, one where pain doesn’t rule your every day.

Working Together

I work with you during one-hour one-on-one sessions. You could call them ‘Life Coaching’ sessions, and yet it’s not coaching in the normal sense. What’s different is that I am here to be a listener, without judgement. Have you ever had anyone really listen to you before?  Listen to you without judgement or criticism?

Part of us working together is for me to introduce you to a method that is simple to use and works. It’s a self-inquiry method that helps you explore what you are thinking or believing in any given moment. And preferably that moment is one when you experience this stress, tension, anxiety or overwhelm.

Unravel Your Anxiety, Overwhelm or Stress

Reach out and contact me. Tell me about your situation, the situation you find yourself in and what you are wanting. How do you want your life to be different? I’m here to listen to you.

And maybe you’re unsure of what you want. That’s perfectly okay too. Let’s talk. You’ve come here, found this site for a reason. I hold space for the people I work with that has no judgement. And, I don’t provide advice.

I look forward to being of service to you.


* Each person will have their own experience of using self-inquiry. There is no guarantee of any outcome. It may be considered the beginning of a journey.

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